Assisted Transport & Care Groups

Hospital Transport

Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services

Some people are eligible for non-emergency patient transport services (PTS). These services provide free transport to and from hospital for:

  • people whose condition means they need additional medical support during their journey
  • parents or guardians of children who are being transported
  • people who have a medical condition that prohibits the use of public transport
  • registered as sight impaired
  • attending for chemo/radiotherapy
  • attending for treatment which impairs mobility after treatment

We have been informed by South Central Ambulance Service that patients will now book their Patient Transport directly NOT through health centres. This is from 1st November 2023.

This can be done by telephone or online, details below - 

  • Transport Tel Number - 0300 100 0024 - Hampshire Option
  • Cancellation Tel Number 0300 790 0143
  • ETA Tel Number 0300 013 5003
  • Book online:

Patients will need their NHS number and Date of Birth to book and are able to create an account for future use.

Online booking up to 20 days in advance - min 48hrs notice
Telephone booking up to 10 days in advance - min 48hrs notice.

(exceptions DVT,CANCER,RENAL Life or Limb threatening Acute Medical Unit, Emergency Medical Unit)


Odiham Voluntary - 07551 587862 (48 hrs notice)

Old Basing Neighbourhood Care - 0333 0440116 (48 hrs notice)

Refunds of Hospital Transport Costs

You may be able to claim a refund for the cost of your transport to hospital through the Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme (HTCS) if you:

  • are not eligible for PTS
  • cannot afford the cost of travelling to hospital
  • cannot get a friend or relative to take you

Read this page on the Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme (HTCS) for more information on who is eligible, what the conditions are and how you can access the scheme.

Read the answers to more questions about NHS services and treatments.

Further information can be found on the the NHS Choices website by clicking here: Hospital transport

Local Care Groups

If you do not meet the guidelines for using the PTS, please bear in mind that most local communities have a 'Care Group' who are very happy to drive people to appointments.  They do usually require several days' notice, as all their drivers are volunteers.  They may require a small donation.  
They can also provide help with:
  • Attending appointments
  • Befriending
  • Social activities
  • Visiting friends and family
  • Shopping trips
Odiham Voluntary Care Group - 07551 587 862 / 01256 704713 - need 48 hours notice
Old Basing & Lychpit Good Neighbours - 0333 044 0116
Old Basing Neighbour Care -  01256 423 855